Plough Cottages Bidford-on-Avon

We were commissioned to design and deliver four new-build houses on the site of the vacant Plough Inn. 

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Whilst it operated the Plough was known locally as a ‘drinkers pub’ and was somewhat at odds with its picturesque surroundings in the pretty Warwickshire village of Bidford-on-Avon. The Plough occupied a sliver of land against the main road that had historically been used for watering animals. Whilst large enough to accommodate four small houses, development on the site was constrained by the close proximity to the houses behind.

Planning Officers were initially resistant to development, siting concerns over the impact on neighbouring amenities. However, by carefully considering the topography of the site we were able to demonstrate that no overlooking of the neighbouring properties would occur with a separation distance of only 12m between the backs of houses.

The design of the houses is simple and modest, which we believe is appropriate for this scale of development in this location. The front façade of the terrace is built in an alternating brick pattern, common to the local vernacular, tying this contemporary building into its local context.