London Community Land Trust is submitted for planning
June 2018

The London Community Land Trust project, a scheme for genuinely affordable housing in Lewisham, has been submitted to the local council for planning approval.

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These 11 homes are the first site as part of a commitment by the new Mayor of Lewisham, Damian Egan, to work with local people to deliver 200 Community Land Trust (CLT) homes over the next four years.

The project will be 100% affordable, with each of the CLT homes sold at a price linked to local wages. This means that one-bed homes will be £192,000, and two-beds will be £244,000, less than half the market price for homes in the same neighbourhood. The homes will be delivered in partnership with London Community Land Trust, who are working with community groups to deliver these homes in other parts of London.

Archio were selected by the residents and members of the community through a public workshop, which resulted in a vote for their favourite practice. We have proposed a three-to-four storey building that faces onto a landscaped courtyard, with rectangular balconies that zig-zag across its front façade.

Located on a highly constrained site, the building has a stepped profile to address the change in height between the surrounding developments and has been carefully positioned to fit into the existing layout of the estate, whilst minimising impact on neighbouring residents and the school.

Mellis Haward, Director at Archio said: “We were delighted to be picked by the community to be their architects for this extremely important project. These London CLT homes demonstrate the incredible opportunity to create genuinely affordable homes on the kind of forgotten garage sites, which we see all over London. Our architectural proposals have emerged from a collaborative design process with the residents and the council, and we are hopeful of receiving strong local support for this planning application.”