Archio's LFA Talk and Exhibition
July 2017
By Rosie Jones

On Friday 16th June we opened up the Archio studio, alongside other architects in the Winkley Estate, for an evening of talks, exhibitions and barbecuing for the London Festival of Architecture.

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We took this as an opportunity to share with our local community a few of the things that Archio has been interested in, and involved with over the last year.

Ione was up first to talk about Archio’s participation in the RIBA Architecture Ambassadors programme. We showed the film we made with Katy Milner about our experience working with a group of Year 9 students in Waterloo. Ione explained how this has been a useful way for Archio to gain experience creating workshops, working with children, and discussing architecture in an engaging and accessible way. These are skills we have already put to good use in our community engagement workshops for our Community Land Trust Project.

Next, Kyle spoke about how Archio has been using micro-prefabrication on a number of small projects to achieve high quality production, while spending minimal time on site. He explained how this has been a particularly useful way of keeping costs down on two projects in St Mawes, Cornwall which will require less site supervision as a result of their prefabricated parts.

It was a fantastic evening shared with neighbours and local residents, and we would like to thank Russian for Fish, DK-CM, VPPR, Motion Architecture and The Common for sharing it with us.