Mellis and Kyle speaking at Vision
June 2017

Kyle and Mellis will be speaking at the Vison 2017 event, the UK's premier built environment event, offering industry intelligence on products, materials, trends and technology across the market. 


Wednesday 7th June 15:20pm - 15:40pm

"To date pre-fabricated construction has been focused on projects where repetition of multiple units and speed of delivery brings a commercial advantage over traditional construction techniques. 

Archio architects have been exploring prefabrication techniques on several micro-projects from flower kiosks to new-build micro-housing, with the intention of bringing the benefits of pre-fabrication to smaller projects and refurbishments. 

Directors Kyle Buchanan and Mellis Haward will discuss a selection of recent projects and will suggest that mirco pre-fabrication has the potential to change the way that design teams are engaged in the delivery of projects."

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