Archio Plantotype Workshop
July 2016

On the 25th June, the morning following our Party-O, Archio held a family-friendly Plantotype Workshop also for the London Festival of Architecture 2016 and RIBA Open Studios

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This was a family-friendly day to encourage the public to think about how they would design planters: what features would they have and where they would put these planters if they could.

Lots of people (kids and adults alike) joined us and were extremely excited to be able to see something go from their initial thoughts, to cut and made in front of, and by them. We explained our own design processes with design reviews, model making, sketching and testing and then used Autocad and laser cutting software to explain how 3D objects can be transferred into 2D computer drawings and later to the laser cutter.

Members of Reclaimed London came to design planters for community allotments and for disused banks of the Overground, others popped their heads in to see Archio models and drawings on display, whilst some wanted to admire the tomato, strawberry and courgette plants we had brought in for inspiration.  

For all, designing the planters helped them to address issues of visual appearance, safety, security, durability, advertising, location and transportability. The results were an amazing array of mini wheelbarrows, lamppost hanging planters, manga cats, self-composing pots, tessellating and connecting planter units.

A 'winning' planter will have their idea built as a 1:1 prototype and it will be announced shortly…