Archio Plantotype Workshop: LFA 2016
May 2016

Saturday 25 June 2016, 11am – 4pm

29 Bentley Road, London, N1 4BY

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How can you make the most of a minimal outdoor space in London and have an impact on the community with interesting designs?

At the Archio Plantotype Workshop help us to design and model prototype planters to grow compact and hybrid plants, to make the most out of small growing spaces.  A chosen design will be manufactured and placed in public spaces near our Dalston office. This guerrilla gardening is to brighten up forgotten corners and unused pavements, make use of sunny walls and bring greenery into unexpected places.

It’s a family friendly event and everyone can take part – from drawing and making scale models of planters, to seeing them come to life on our laser cutter. Members of the Archio team will be on hand to work through ideas for the planters, discussing the best way to build exciting, beautiful and buildable designs.

At the same time we'll share thinking on how to use design to get the most out of spaces – we will have a number of models and images on display of our previous, current and future work, including installations, residential and community projects.