Hounslow Housing Design Quality Vision

Hounslow Council wants all housing in the borough to be of outstanding quality. To help achieve this aim, they have commissioned Archio, in collaboration with DK-CM, to deliver a locally specific Housing Quality Vision Statement for the borough.

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The document has been produced as part of the Delivering Quality Homes Pilot, supported by the Mayor of London’s Good Growth by Design programme - Hounslow is one of four partner organisations participating in this Pilot, and the only local authority to do so. It sets out an ambitious and deliverable quality framework against which Hounslow can measure housing design quality. It goes beyond physical appearance and assess a home in terms of health, sustainability, comfort, identity, and well-being.

The document begins with an overarching Vision that sets out Hounslow's ambitions in clear terms. It then establishes five Themes, which are seen as ways in which the Vision can be achieved, and a series of Principles under each of these. Under each Principle, a list of prompts is provided to help the user evaluate emerging development projects. 

The guidance has been developed through a co-design process across 10 workshops with Hounslow residents, national experts, local professionals, officers, councillors, and others.

The document will be used to assess the quality of homes that are built by Hounslow or partner organisations on local authority land. It can also be used by anyone involved in developing housing proposals (whether new-build, retrofit, refurbishment or adaptive reuse) within the London Borough of Hounslow, as a guide to Hounslow's aspirations for housing quality.