Castle Avenue London

Archio has submitted planning applications for two sites – Dunsfold Mews and Castle Avenue – on behalf of Brick by Brick, Croydon Council’s own development company that focuses on small sites across the borough. The two sites are located within an area on the edge of the greenbelt and the new proposals have been arranged to foster a sense of place within a difficult 60s estate layout.

A systematic approach was adopted to assess the existing street patterns, as well as the massing and overlooking, to minimise the impact on current residents. The schemes – which replace existing garage sites – have addressed the constraints of backland developments by framing outside areas so that they have a clear communal purpose for local people.

The single building at Castle Avenue is aligned to the road grid to open up a south-facing green space at the front of the building. This should help creating a meeting place for residents and neighbours alike. Containing six one-bed apartments and three three-beds, the block features a series of bands that wrap around it and provide a clear identity when glimpsed through the surrounding estate.

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