The Architectural Association London

Archio were commissioned by the Architectural Association to undertake a review of space usage and requirements within the School’s Bedford Square premises at a period where student and staff occupancies are growing. We engaged with key stakeholders at the AA across a period of consultation which aimed to identify, and propose solutions to, space needs within the School. 

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The engagement process involved eight meetings addressing specific areas of concern laid out by the School’s senior management team. As a response to this, we produced a comprehensive report that included sets of key plans and diagrams that identified and explained as-found space provision within the School, alongside set of proposed policies and strategic spatial moves made as responses to perceived issues. These policy and operational recommendations were made for short-term, mid-term and long-term implementation and responded to immediate staff and student needs, longer term developmental goals for the AA, and immediate responses to the zoning of ongoing building and masterplanning works.

"The process has been professionally and sensitively executed by the Archio team and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and be informed by, their expertise and commitment."

[Belinda Flaherty, Registrar, Architectural Association]