Citizens House Opens
April 2023
By Mellis Haward

Citizens House is an 11-home, genuinely and permanently affordable housing project in Sydenham, Lewisham is London CLT's first direct development. Home prices are set at rates that are accessible for people on average incomes in Lewisham, and when residents move out, they must sell at a similar level, giving new local families a chance to buy a home they can afford.

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Citizens House is a major achievement as the first community land trust in London that has been directly created by the community using London CLT’s unique affordability model.

It has been co-designed by the community, with local people making key decisions at every step of the way. The construction is now completed, and 11 households began moving in from January 2023. The new residents have roots in Lewisham, including an assortment of local teachers, artists, and NHS workers, as well as families who will now be able to raise their kids in their community. 


This project has been a career highlight for Archio, and we are so proud of the process and outcome.