GLA A+U Framework
March 2023

We are thrilled that Archio Ltd have been awarded two places on the MayorofLondon GLA Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) Framework. We've been hoping and waiting for the opportunity of this refreshed framework for some time, and are now really looking forward to working with London's communities and continuing to progress our community-led approach!

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 Lot 7 - Small Sites Housing

Lot 9 - Transport Infrastructure Interface: Over Station / Station Development

As quoted in Architects’ Journal Mellis Haward and Kyle Buchanan, directors of Archio Ltd, said they were pleased to have been awarded places on the Lots for Housing and Station Site development, particularly as the latter is often reserved for much bigger practices. They said: ‘At Archio our focus is community-led design, and we are looking forward to bringing that expertise to the framework and to the opportunities afforded by this new process.’