The Power of Collective Working
August 2021

Smaller practices are joining together in collectives – often based around common interests – to boost their visibility and pool resources and experience. It’s a mutually rewarding way of working that could benefit other practices.

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2020 could arguably be described as the year of the collective. There has been a growing prevalence of architects working together to support each other over recent years, and the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for this. Emerging digital technologies and changing attitudes are providing new methods of engagement, while external conditions are creating challenges that are best overcome through collective action.

By joining forces, teams of architects can be greater than the sum of their parts, which is why we’ve chosen the topic of ‘collaboration’ for the 2021 RIBA Guerrilla Tactics. 

The power of the collective is being proven by organisations such as The London Architecture Group, The Paradigm Network and Architects Climate Action Network, all of whom are demonstrating the impact that groups can have though collective action.

By working together to tackle big societal issues, win work, and level up skills, architects can deliver meaningful change, and put our profession on the front foot in adding value for clients and society.