Access Aspiration Work Experience
April 2021
By Kate Ridgway

As part of our support of the Mayor of London’s Access Aspiration programme, Archio hosted a digital work experience placement with two young Londoners interested in learning more about the architectural profession.

During the 4-day placement, we asked students to design a shared space for young people and a new community growing group on the Astley Estate in Southwark adjacent to one of our live projects. The students were asked to develop a concept based on the community engagement responses we received earlier in the year and were then asked to analyse the site and produce a design which they presented to the office in their last day. This was interspersed with office catch ups and session with our team to ask career and architecture questions.

“This work experience gave me a great insight on what I needed to know on how it is to be an architect as well as knowing how to work well as a team. I really enjoyed working with the Archio team as it was so much fun and they all were so nice and helpful with everything that I wanted to know and find out.”

Rekiya Shodunke

“My work experience with Archio was very useful and engaging. The morning meetings were welcoming and there was a feeling of family amongst everyone. Over 4 days, I learned about the more social aspect of architecture, a side of the coin I had never associated with this profession. It became very clear to me very quickly that this team was big on teamwork and creating for the community rather than for themselves. Their experience was invaluable in creating a knowledgeable environment to learn from. It was a pleasure to listen in on meetings and hear how projects are developed bit by bit through sketches and plans. I thank them again for this opportunity.”

Ella Parkin

We loved having the students with us and look forward to more placements in the future!

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