Kate makes the RIBAJ Rising Stars with Re-Fabricate
December 2020
By Kate Ridgway

We are thrilled that one of our architectural assistants, Kate, has been included in the 2020 RIBAJ Rising Stars as part of design collective, Re-Fabricate.

The RIBAJ article can be read here.

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Re-Fabricate is a group of young architectural professionals unified by the ambition to eradicate waste from the construction and manufacturing industries.

Between February and June 2020, the group developed the Re-Fabricate programme in partnership with RIBA London. The project intended to offer young architects and creative professionals a platform to collaboratively develop products and services that reuse waste and demonstrate circular economy principles in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Over a four-month period, six multi-skilled teams developed products and business proposals that enable effective waste reuse of an assigned material. Each team received mentoring from material and enterprise experts as well as their assigned committee member who attended meetings, responded to queries and offered guidance and inspiration throughout the project. Projects ranged from WoWood - a biodegradable acoustic panel produced out of timber waste to UPlastic - an incentivised plastic recycling app that functions as a middleman between councils, recycling plants and private users, and GlassPass - a glass-based material passport system that records the material ‘DNA’ to ensure it can be sorted and reused effectively.

After the success of the RIBA Re-Fabricate project, the six-strong team are now working on further ideas to promote pragmatic, circular solutions to transform the wasteful nature of the construction industry. They are also involved in several collaborations including Beyond the Box's People's Pavilion, a co-design project for young people in East London.

To learn more, visit the Re-Fabricate website here.