Black Lives Matter Support Statement
June 2020

The events of the past few weeks since the killing of George Floyd have been globally impactful, bringing to the surface prejudices and fundamental issues in our social structures that it is important to address. Archio stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. As a practice that specialises in community-led design in a highly diverse city, these events have caused us to pause and reflect on the dynamic of our studio and the way we address inclusivity in our work.

Our current focus is on looking, listening and learning in order to further educate ourselves in the complexities of these issues and our role within them. We’re working hard on that at the moment, and will be developing our existing diversity strategy over the next few months to look at where we can have the most impact.We want to make change both within our studio and to help facilitate a wider, structural shift towards a more equitable industry, in the understanding that a diverse profession enables richer and better design outcomes that positively impact a wider range of people.

This is the first step of our long-term commitment to building a culture that champions diversity and inclusion.

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