Archio appointed to Southwark Framework
May 2020
By Kate Ridgway

Archio is delighted to be selected for Southwark’s new framework alongside some brilliant architects to provide high quality housing for the council and local residents.

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Over the past few years there has been a resurgent enthusiasm for public housing with an emphasis on creating well-designed, durable homes that stand the test of time. This movement has led to some fantastic projects that show what can be achieved when social value and sustainability have equal baring to profit in housing procurement. Southwark’s innovative new framework, with design quality and community values at it’s heart is part of this movement. Their strategy that applies the same resident-led approach to sites of varying sizes from infill to masterplan has the potential to be transformative in how the wider industry combats the housing crisis.

Archio is enthused to work with Southwark to deliver on their goal of ‘elevating the status of public housing’. In light of current events, it seems more important than ever that we all have access to a comfortable, healthy home environment that we can use flexibly for both living, working and caring. Southwark’s values-led approach to housing provision  is aligned with the ethos of our studio and we are proud to have this opportunity to support them on their mission.