RIBA East London: Homes Differently
April 2019
By Eleanor Connolly

Archio Director Kyle was invited by the RIBA East London Architects' group to discuss our Becontree Avenue project.

Kyle explained the significance of locally distinctive architecture.  The design of these new homes in Barking and Dagenham has been carefully developed to deliver a contemporary building that fits into the existing character of the Becontree Estate. The Becontree Estate represents an important period in the history of council house building when the London City Council was building more homes than at any other time in its history. The Becontree Estate was the largest estate built by the LCC, during a time of great optimism in which Local Government took a confident role in shaping the quality of homes and quality of life of their constituents.

Kyle also discussed the importance of community engagement. "Our role as architects is to sit between purpose led developers and communities. To facilitate a way for the local community to get their views across whilst also representing the wider ambitions and necessity of why we need more affordable homes in London."

It was a fascinating discussion and great to collectively see housing proposals that present an alternative to commercial housing development in East London. Thank you to the RIBA East London Architects' group for organising this event.

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