Off-site Fabrication - Manor Cottage, St. Mawes
July 2017
By Harry Grocott

One of our projects in Cornwall recently afforded the opportunity to make a trip down to the picturesque seaside village of St. Mawes for a site visit, where a twelve-hour, six-hundred-mile round trip from the Archio office makes an overnight stop a necessary luxury.

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The project has given us the opportunity to expand our knowledge of off-site fabrication to better control the quality of building work on sites that aren’t easily accessible. Pre-fabrication enables us to close the gap between design and construction which as well as aiding quality-control, helps to reduce fees for the client and reduces build-time on site. This is especially relevant for Manor Cottage, where restricted site access and the proximity of neighbouring properties make the construction strategy particularly challenging.

For Manor Cottage, we are acting as the contracts manager and are proposing to issue construction information in two distinct stages: The first will detail the design of the groundworks and be issued to a locally based contractor, while the second will deal with the above ground structure and finishing. This second package will be issued as a series of cutting packages to off-site fabricators with the final-fixings completed by locally based tradesmen.

In this way we hope to be able to minimise the number of times we are required to attend site while still maintaining the high level of quality we demand from our projects.