Archio Sailing Trip
June 2016

In June, Archio went on an excellent office sailing trip, captained by the wonderful Paul Stephens, our client on Mill Farm House.

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We were sailing on a 49' yacht named Tin Tin, which has a unique aluminium hull. We were originally looking at a 90% rain forecast, however, once on board with our bacon and eggs for breakfast, the weather started to improve and we decided on a course from Gosport to Cowes, the Isle of Wight.

Whilst Captain Paul had recently completed sailing around the British Isles, this was a very new experience for most of the team, and we quickly had to learn how to tie monkey knots, winch the main sail, tack across the wind, and how to avoid falling overboard!

In full matching dry suits, life jackets, and the wind in our hair, we set off. With only a few chaotic moments involving buoys and oncoming ferries, we wove our way down the Solent into the wind. Captain Paul kept us on track, with First-Mate Kyle patiently explaining the need to WINCH FASTER!

Once we reached the mouth of the River Medina, we had to winch in the sails, and motored our way to the Folly Inn, a pub which we reached by docking Tin Tin and piling into the small dinghy. A delicious roast lunch (still in full dry-suits) left us more than ready for the blissful journey back. The motor of our dinghy, however, had other ideas and packed in. Harry, Ione, Luke and Mike had to row their way back to Tin Tin. Burnt off the yorkshire pudding nicely.

Sailing back we had the wind behind us, Rod Steward blasting, and the sun came out. We can only thank Paul profusely for letting us amateurs onto Tin Tin, and for teaching us the ways of the water so well, that none of us ended up in the Solent. All in all, a great office day out.