Temple Cloud Bristol

This Grade II listed pub in Temple Cloud (south of Bristol) sits awkwardly between the busy A37 and scrubland behind the building. Our client saw the potential to develop the site around the pub in order to secure its long-term future and allow for its renovation, and regeneration.

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Through conversations between the client, planners and the design team a scheme of 9 new homes and a building housing overnight rooms for the pub was developed. The pub currently sits on the edge of the village, however the new development will enclose it in housing allowing it to become integrated into the Temple Cloud life once again.

The whole of the development site sits within the curtilage of the Grade II Listed pub and was therefore necessary for us to work closely with the Local Planning Authority when developing the site layout and building design. We engaged in a number of rounds of pre-planning consultation with the Local Planning Authority, and received strong support for our proposals on this sensitive site. The Conservation Officer described the development in the Committee Report as follows: 

“The layout and form of the proposed development will result in attractive groupings of built form enclosing spaces to create a distinct character. It is refreshing to see a sitespecific design proposed which responds to local distinctiveness, rather than “off-the-peg”house types and layouts generally used by the volume house builders with little regard to local character.”

[BANES Conservation Officer]