Manor Cottage Cornwall

This project will provide a unique, sustainable and compact holiday studio through the re-use of an existing pilchard shed alongside the listed Manor Cottage, in the beautiful St. Mawes, Cornwall.

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The 14 sqm size of this new studio will provide a unique experience for holiday-goers, offering a creatively and well-designed compact space.

We ensured that the project would have minimal impact on neighbouring views, including from the listed pub, through careful consideration of the design and materials used. Through lowering the floor to create more space internally for a bed platform, we avoided any overlooking, overshadowing, or obstruction of views out to the port. Our model of the proposal helped to convince Cornwall Council of the merit of the small-scale development.

Inside, the proposal has been designed with in-built furniture and storage, with steps up to the mezzanine sleeping platform, and a kitchenette and shower room underneath. Storage is found in benches, under seating and within the stairs, with the table folding down, and space for hanging chairs and bikes on the wall.

A birch plywood interior creates a warm and cohesive space, with a strong link to craftsmanship and joinery. The house boat-style fit-out allows the holiday studio to be viewed as flexible but compact, and the design and cutting of the internal timber fit-out will take place fully off-site. This allows us to minimise time on site (and therefore noise and disruption to neighbours) and continues our interest in off-site construction, as seen previously in our Flower Kiosk.

This small and sustainable project will turn a disused shed in a charming historical alley into an exciting pocket holiday let, through the use of a contemporary off-site method of manufacturing.