TfL Living Report London

In 2020 Archio were commissioned by Transport for London to produce research exploring the future of housing and city living. The objective was to identify emerging trends and how these could affect the way we live together in London and how changing patterns of living could be accommodated in dense vibrant neighbourhoods with stronger more cohesive communities. We were asked to support our findings with 25 best practice examples of innovative housing developments globally. We used a literature review to contextualise the research, following this with a number of interviews with invited experts identified as being engaged in innovative development practices. Our findings were written up in an essay format report, which identified eight key focus areas to help support the delivery of vibrant neighbourhoods of the future. Many of the examples had a strong focus on sustainability in the construction, layout and siting of the developments. 

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The report will be published early 2021 in conjunction with 8 other thematic reports exploring the future of education, public realm, workspace etc. The series will be used by TfL firstly for skills development within their property development team and secondly as part of the ITT documents for the selection of commercial development partners for the development of large consolidated station sites.